Image Hackery

This script takes a pixellated image and returns a list of the individual colours used in that image. It also displays a list of the HTML colours that are nearest to the colours used in the image. Rolling your mouse over the colours will display the HTML value for that colour.

Please note that files must be smaller than 100K, and that only PNG and JPEG images will work. It's recommended that you use PNGs, as they are easier to process. Please also note that images should be pixellated before using this script.

HTML Palette

What is the HTML Palette?

The HTML palette control allows you to select how accurate you wish the HTML colours to be to the input file. 216 colours is the standard 'safe' palette agreed on sometime in the dim and distant past. The values of red, green, and blue can be 00, 33, 66, 99, CC or FF - the resulting palette should be somewhat familiar.

4096 colours is a much finer system where the values of red, green, and blue can be 00, 11, 22, 33 ... FF. The resulting palette looks like this.